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View Diary: Poll: Tea party approves Republican shutdown, everyone else disapproves (87 comments)

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    Is that the goal? To make your fellow citizens, neighbors and co-workers look stupid? To try to blame people who disagree with you for stuff?

    Is it a great day on the left if the Republicans have bad PR and the Democrats look good?

    What exactly is this all about anyway? Are you trying to run a representative republic of a center-right nation or not? If we are not trying to get stuff done, then why do we spend so much money just verbally fighting?

    Socialism has no place in the USA. We are a representative republic with a capitalistic economy. If we want to instead have a socialistic economy, we ought to formally end the republic and ban the current constitution. Then we could re-invent our nation with a parliament, multiple parties, and deem our economy going forward to be socialistic.

    I actually think if we put it to a national vote, we would get a majority to agree to end the current USA. Sound good? All in favor, say "aye".

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