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View Diary: The Oceans are Dying: Oxygen is Depleting, Acidity Rising at Fastest Rate in 300,000,000 Years (215 comments)

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  •  It's very disproportionately Americas fault. (15+ / 0-)

    That's observable reality.

    "But the traitors will pretend / that it's gettin' near the end / when it's beginning" P. Ochs

    by JesseCW on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 06:26:15 AM PDT

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    •  well, nothing will be done anyway (5+ / 0-)

      and in two centuries or less there won't be any more people so...I no longer see the utility in blaming America.

      Dawkins is to atheism as Rand is to personal responsibility- mperiousRex.

      by terrypinder on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 06:29:42 AM PDT

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    •  Per capita it is (1+ / 0-)
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      But it doesn't matter.  Life on Earth as we know it is over in 100 years 90/10 chance.

      There is a 10% chance that a miracle will happen and America rises to the level of being the world leader and convinces everyone to become sustainable.

      Daily Kos an oasis of truth. Truth that leads to action.

      by Shockwave on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 07:17:55 AM PDT

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    •  Disagree (1+ / 0-)
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      Eikyu Saha

      as a non-yank.

      America is the outcome of a way of thinking unleashed on a very rich continent with very little in the way of resistance to its methods and processes.

      The way of thinking that resulted in "America" would have died very rapidly in, say, the Sahara.

      And when the resources that produced America run out, cheap, plentiful energy, water and fertility, America will go away and the people who lived America will either become something that is not "America" or they will become extinct because they are adapted to perfectly to the America model.

      To blame individual, or even collective Americans as greedy, stupid etc is to see it upside down. Americans are simply fully adapted residents of Americanness

      Until inauguration day The USA is in the greatest danger it has ever experienced.

      by Deep Dark on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 01:31:55 PM PDT

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      •  Disagree (0+ / 0-)

        Whenever someone buys a gas-guzzling SUV or keeps their house overlit, they're making a conscious decision to contribute to global warming. "I'm just one person" or "But Al Gore's house..." are just lame excuses. Some people needs gas-guzzlers. Most don't.

        We have a culture of entitlement and waste in the US these days, a "Fuck you, I got mine" mentality. Wasn't always so.

        "Reagan's dead, and he was a lousy president" -- Keith Olbermann 4/22/09

        by kovie on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 03:45:26 PM PDT

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      •  I agree with non-yank DD (2+ / 0-)
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        Joieau, Deep Dark

        We give too much credit to individual choice.  It makes us feel safe to think we are in control of our destiny.  It also makes us feel superior to call our fortune a matter of "choice" while watching others fail.  But for us to resist the entirety of our historical trajectory means fighting all battles on all fronts at the same time.  Our computers use precious metals mined most often under inhuman conditions; everything we consume has a toxic effect to Earth, to the biosphere, to the social sphere.  Even the poor miners are complicit in this, whether they know it or not, until they die at an early age.  We Yanks, over here in cushy-cushy land, can slow the tide a tiny bit, perhaps, and delay the inevitable just long enough for someone new to come along and delay it a few minutes more, but bigger tides pull on us.  

        DD has it right: we are the products of our environment far more than the other way around.  

        •  Guns germs and steel (1+ / 0-)
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          Eikyu Saha

          A keystone book worth reading, even when you don't wholly agree with the thesis.

          Then read Collapse

          Until inauguration day The USA is in the greatest danger it has ever experienced.

          by Deep Dark on Sat Oct 05, 2013 at 03:06:18 PM PDT

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          •  What was that man thinking, (0+ / 0-)

            when he cut down the last tree on, what was it, Easter Island?

            I think many of us many be thinking the very same thoughts as that man, and probably not liking it, either.  But heck, we've got families to feed; work to be done; emails to answer. . .

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