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View Diary: Make 2014 a referendum on Republican radicalism (230 comments)

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  •  Romney/Ryan>Rove/Koch>Boehner/Cruz>McCain (5+ / 0-)
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    ColoTim, rubyr, micsimov, a2nite, Ian Reifowitz

    As bad as the Tea Partiers are, I think it remains useful to continue tying Romney around Republican necks.

    For example:

    Scene 1: video of Romney castigating the 47% and promising to "cancel Obamacare on first day of my Presidency", and of Ryan demanding entitlement cuts.

    Scene 2: video of Rove refusing to believe Fox's call of Ohio and the electoral college for Obama, with a headline of Democrats' higher vote total and Republican Gerrymandering.

    Scene 3: headlines of Heritage and Ryan planning shutdown-ceiling extortion.

    Scene 4: video of Cruz and Boehner along with full list of the Republicans' first round of demands.

    Scene 5: video of John McCain saying "Republicans are to blame for the irresponsible shutdown and threats of default".

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