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View Diary: Make 2014 a referendum on Republican radicalism (230 comments)

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  •  Better still if you can hang them around the necks (0+ / 0-)

    of STATE level legislators.  Those races are notoriously difficult for challengers to incumbents because they're run almost exclusively on name recognition.  But it's in the state house that the rubber really meets the road as it applies to the impact on any given person.

    Also, the ads should be tailored by state.  For example, a climate denier that voted for the shutdown should get hammered in South Dakota pointing out the devastation to the beef cattle industry caused by the "freak" early October blizzard and the fact that the shutdown stalled the Farm Bill that might have helped some of the ranchers.  Right or wrong, it's all a hypothetical exercise to most people until it impacts their lives or livelihoods in a direct and identifiable way.

    What's happening in your state?

    I'll believe corporations are people when one comes home from Afghanistan in a body bag.

    by mojo11 on Tue Oct 15, 2013 at 08:37:15 AM PDT

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