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View Diary: Dems turned out for local NC elections yesterday, good sign for 2014 (106 comments)

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  •  Dem precinct captain's observations (15+ / 0-)

    I'm the Democratic captain of my precinct.  In 2012, we had poll greeters at the polls continuously throughout the day and so did the Rs (sometimes they outnumbered us).  I'd say about 30% of people wanted the Democratic slate card, 40% wanted the Rs, and 30% didn't want any literature.  

    Yesterday, about 80% of people voting during my 6:30-9am shift wanted the Democratic slate card.  No Rs showed up to hand out slate cards :)  It was a chilling & windy morning and at least 3 strangers offered to go buy me a coffee (closest place to do so would mean a 15 minute round-trip).  I was thanked for being there by people who didn't even want the flyer.  One thing is obvious: because of the Tea party takeover of the NC Lege, people are paying attention and they can't wait for 2014 to come :)  We recruited some new volunteers as a result, people who haven't volunteered before who are ready to help us in 2014.

    One other thing that is a factor here in Cary: in 2008 & 2012, the OFA operation in here was incredibly strong, one of the strongest in our state.  We have several Facebook groups and email lists through which we have all stayed connected.  My opinion: I think that since we have bonded as friends & neighbors toward moving forward and building a better future, we have a strong grass roots network that doesn't just show up every 4 years.  The Rs are motivated by fear and hate and since there was no "boogie man" on the ballot, many stayed home.

    If you have never volunteered for your local Dems before, please do so next year!  I have met the most interesting, amazing locals doing this work and am so energized and enriched as a result.

    •  I live in Cary and volunteer also (5+ / 0-)

      Been volunteering since 2008. Cary is quite progressive, although not like Chapel Hill. The Town is run by a Democrat (Weinbrecht).

      •  What's the backstory (0+ / 0-)

        Friends of mine received robo calls by Weihbrecht for Caggia.  What's up with that???

        •  Weinbrecht endorsed Caggia. (4+ / 0-)

          It is on her website and all over her ads. She has been endorsed by a few others Democrats in the Town of Cary. Apparently, she works well with Democrats. I can't testify to it, since I don't know her. But I don't trust anything with a (R) following their name. They all start as moderate, but can't stand up to their Tea Party friends, and before you know it they are Tea Party.

        •  Two republicans running (0+ / 0-)

          There were two republicans running for the slot and no democrats.  The local (progressive) indy paper liked both, as neither are as fiercely partisan as the previous wave of Republicans on the board.  The two split the endorsements from both sides. Cagglia seemed to have gotten more tea party type endorsements, which is why I voted Fletcher.

          The past history of the Wake school board is that it's mostly non-partisan.  You generally get moderates from both sides who work together.  The tea party takeover of 09 was a completely different type of board member.  Hopefully we've moved back to the original working board.

    •  I live in Cary too (0+ / 0-)

      Can you share the Facebook groups?

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