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View Diary: Dems turned out for local NC elections yesterday, good sign for 2014 (106 comments)

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  •  The key sentence (9+ / 0-)

    "As long as Democrats don't capitulate to those extremists, our 2014 chances look better every day."

    What if the Dems get a clean resolution but then proceed to accede to Social Security cuts and other austerity demands? After all, the Senate resolution accepts the sequester spending levels.

    Let's hope D.C. Democrats don't think their base is Pete Peterson and his ilk. It would be a Pyrrhic victory if the Democrats routed the extortionists and then proceeded to allow them to save face with other concessions.

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    •  Our job to keep the pressure on (2+ / 0-)
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      jbsoul, Minnesota Deb

      Public pressure clearly is making a difference. Without public pressure, we would have Larry Summers instead of Janet Yellin at the Fed. And we would have bombed the __ out of Syria, instead of a UN process of diplomacy that is actually more effective in dealing with the chemical weapons.

      And so far, public pressure has meant that Social Security and Medicare, at least, are still "third rails" that the Democrats don't dare touch even when tempted. I wish the rest of the safety net were as sacrosanct, but still have faith that Democrats will not abandon the Roosevelt agenda.

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