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  •  Democratica vs tyrannica (2+ / 0-)

    This confirms my opinion that there are broadly two types of political personalities, whether it results from genetic, nurture or other factors. I have named them the Uptights and the Getalongers

    The crux of the problem is that the Uptights have a much higher motivation to seek power over others, while the Getalongers are inclined to value peaceful discourse, common values and majority rule. Tyrannicas are so convinced of the rightness of their views that they see the widespread imposition of those views as a Holy Crusade, blinding them to the inherent fascism of this position.

    Uptights actively want to rule others - its part of living in an uptight world. Anything from women's wombs to the tax system is seen as a problem to be controlled. Their reference points are slavery, religion and monopoly capitalism. They tend to be very attracted to guns and very attractive to sociopaths.

    Getalongers generally want to live and let live while improving conditions for the majority with education, health care and a strong respect for the scientific method. They are more passive and less aggressive so, despite having better ideas, they have to constantly fight off the Tyrannicas, which is a major energy drain and slows the implementation of progressive changes.

    We can only hope that the invisible hand of evolution will
    gradually put the dinosaurs where they belong - in the tar pits.

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