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View Diary: Media Coverage As Republican Party Becomes The Donner Party (106 comments)

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    Dems are too "pragmatic" to actually oppose them, forever seeking to coopt their ideas, ideals, supporters and motivation.  Funny thing is who ends up getting coopted in that process.  Turns out not to be so "pragmatic" after all, but by the time that becomes clear, it's much too late.  See the Iraq War for the classic case of how this works.  See the current Syria debate for proof that the lessons there never get learned by those of position, place and power.  Once again, "humanitarian" intervention in a Middle Eastern sectarian tinder box is being trumpeted as the very soul of American political "pragmatism".  

    And sadly, that is EXACTLY what passes for "pragmatism" in contemporary American politics.  Whether something serves the long-term well-being and interests of the American people has exactly NOTHING to do with whether something is deemed "pragmatic", just whether it might secure the personal position and career interests of certain professional politicians.

    Regardless of how "pragmatic" the result of our Iraqi intervention has proven to be, we're now itching to do just the same again in Syria.  Those of us opposed to such "pragmatism" are denounced, demonized really, right here at dailykos, by prominent and popular kossacks, as "baby-killers".   I'm apparently a baby-killer because I OPPOSE bombing Syrian cities.  It don't get no more pragmatic than that (I guess.)  You can denounce the other party's irrationality all you like, as long as this is your own party's idea of "rational thought", exactly how far are you getting?

    Clap On, Clap Off, The Clapper!

    by ActivistGuy on Sun Oct 13, 2013 at 12:12:46 AM PDT

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