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View Diary: A conversation with a staffer at my [rightwing]House representative's office (206 comments)

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    at the end of the day calling up to "educate" the purposefully and intractably ignorant is fun but largely impossible. Our mistake in all of this is that we are attempting to get the irrational to return to the rational, when it's really of no interest to them. They have retreated into their fantasy and like the drug addict who perceives that they love the drug, they will never be accessible to be led away from what is destroying their minds.

    I hate to tell you, but what's driving this while Tea Party faction isn't a fondness for numbers and a budget-wonky affinity for policy and fiscal conservatism, no. If it were, the most spendthrifty presidents in the last century wouldn't all be Republicans.

    No, this is driven by one central idea: the idea that somewhere a (your favorite epithet to describe people of African descent here) is getting a free glass of water. And that the perpetual provider of the free glass of water is this thing called THE GOVERNMENT. They don't have to understand, these Tea Party types, what THE GOVERNMENT really is or that they are driving to their KKK rally on roads built by THE GOVERNMENT, only that there's this thing out there somewhere called THE GOVERNMENT enabling the shiftless, lazy, crack smoking, baby making (you know whats) to get a free ride of perfect, carefree luxury (those Food Stamps sure buy a lot of filet mignon, don't they?) whilst all the Tea Types have to slave and work 35 hours a day, 9 days a week to get their crystal-meth-and-Cheetos money together. Never mind that the primary receipients of assistance are poor whites... we know how dear FACTS are to the Tea Types. To them, every white person ever born has the work ethic of 54 John D. Rockefellers and every not-white person ever born only takes time out from the orgy of pillage, destruction and kinky, taboo sex to collect the free checks on the 1st and 15th.

    Good luck "negotiating" or trying to co-govern with people whose expressed intent is to eradicate THE GOVERNMENT from the face of the Earth, lest one more (there's that word again) get that free glass of water.

    "Some of you are going to die... martyrs, of course, to the Freedom that I will provide!"

    by emperor nobody on Sun Oct 13, 2013 at 08:04:37 PM PDT

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