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  •  Not everyone. Perhaps people directed by (0+ / 0-)

    superficial optics are more susceptible, but I don't read anything accidentally and ignore all advertising intentionally. If an ad penetrates the exclusion, then that's a clue there is something worth noting, like the ExxonMobil ad which claims "all it takes is the idea." That's significant because it echos the mind set of people for whom the only reality is the idea. Also, I pay more attention to sound than to image and place much importance on touch. Indeed, I think it is the sense of touch which orients us in the material environment and without it people are, literally, out-of-touch and, as we witnessed in Dubya, touch people wrongly.
    U.S. popular culture seems to be very much visually oriented. What things look like is more important than anything, even though it is common knowledge that "appearances are deceiving."
    What does "make up" make up for? Why do people have to "put on my face"?

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