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View Diary: The Republican Base is the Identified Patient in our National Family System (49 comments)

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  •  Republicans have lost the culture wars. I can see (12+ / 0-)

    that the tide of Americcan history is very much against them.  How can they not feel isolated when they can't abide gay people, African-Americans, immigrants, and women and other minority groups.  I understand that the GOP, Shut Down votes came from many rural older White men, a smaller and smaller group in America.  It looks to me like we the Democrats in order to keep the peace have made compromises on many things and this can not continue, there is a disconnect between all this that can not stand any longer.  The super wealthy Kochs have decieved these people by making them think they are mainstream which they are not.  Instead they are part of a smaller and smaller minority that is back in the 50s.  Obama is the veritable reality that confronts their outdated identities.  They're reaction is classic in that they want now to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States and just to make sure we hear their pain they will destablize the world's economy for good measure.  But just like Karl Rove who kept on denying Obama's victory on election night they deny the changes in the United States.  I am afraid they will have to be put to the side of American society and let the rest of us wrestle with the new society we have now and in the future.  Growth and change is not going to be pleasant for them, but their stuck mentalities are now a burden and danger to America.  We can no longer afford their excessive cost in terms of no growth policies and brittle views of the majority of Americans.  Again they must be moved aside with malice if needed.  We of the progressive community can no longer afford to deal with them as if they were trust worthy enough to govern the country.  I would be interested to hear more about what we need to deal with to heal ourselves since you say we are sick as our conservative brothers and sisters.  You could have something there but for now you have made what looks to me like a false equvalency between conservatives and Democrat, progressives.

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