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  •  Another casualty of the shutdown: FACA (2+ / 0-)
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    One of the big ways the public can influence public policy is through the "federal advisory committee" process.  Advisory committees take public comment on a large range of issues, including positions to international meetings.  Participants range from the largest corporations to individuals.  And the outcomes of these advisory committee proceedings can have a very large impact.

    Right now, advisory committees are shut down.

    FAC's cover a huge range of issues, and in our democratic government, are a major route for input of public opinion on various policy issues.

    The shutdown of these proceedings means a less responsive government overall, as well as potentially many missed opportunities.  In my area of work (telecommunications), U.S. government delegates have missed one international meeting thus far, and if the shutdown continues, may miss several more.  Even if delegates can attend the meetings, the process by which documents and positions are developed and submitted may be cut so short (deadlines missed, etc.) that they may be little more than observers.

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