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View Diary: SAVING Texas to Avoid a 2010: It's a Win, Win, Win. (UPDATEx2) (248 comments)

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  •  OK. I didn't read the other diary, and I'm (12+ / 0-)

    late here, because unlike some Texas politicians who show up on the "Sunday Shows", I was actually in church. Not just in church, but playing the organ and leading the choir. I'm churchier than the "Church Lady", and bastrop can attest to that.

    There is criticism of Texas, from a point of view of someone who knows a bit about Texas, like from , say, Molly Ivins, and then there is "Texas Bashing". There is also a grey area wherein some people who are Texans, former Texans, or, Molly Ivins, can say things about Texas other people cannot. Those usually take the turn of snark. Then there are people who just plain hate Texas.

    Please substitute the "N" word, the "LGBTQ" word, or, like at Red State, the "L" word (that's "Liberal", for all you straight guys) in some of the things some progressives say about Texas and what can happen there, and see how dumb that sounds.

    I grew up in Texas, like bastrop, but also like him, I'm from Massachusetts. How I cringe when I hear people--including liberals and progressives--call Massachusetts a "liberal" state. Yeah, mostly, we vote blue. We also elected Brown, Romney, Sargent, and Calvin Coolidge.

    Every state and commonwealth and region and even congressional district is a lot more complex than it might seem. Massachusetts and Texas have a lot more in common than you might think. Which is why I'm happy to have grown up in a mostly Democratic Texas.

    Stereotyping sucks. Don't do it. Learn, live, get active. It's how bastrop and I were raised. Bashing is for bullies.

    Now let's get to work for Wendy Davis. Electing her governor of Texas will mean more in the short and long term than turning about ten other states I can think of: Because, all ten of them cannot even approach the actual population of Texas.

    Right on, Brother.

    The "Shot heard 'round the world" is now known as the "Pinochet Ricochet". --commonmass

    by commonmass on Sun Oct 13, 2013 at 10:57:34 AM PDT

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