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View Diary: SAVING Texas to Avoid a 2010: It's a Win, Win, Win. (UPDATEx2) (248 comments)

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  •  Hey Tom, thanks for that. (0+ / 0-)

    First, I really love the 254-county strategy. When i saw that last night in one one of the comments above I though, this is it right here. What Dean did nationwide is exactly what we need to do here in Texas. It is the path to achieving a lasting and powerful political machine to replace the lopsided and exclusive one the GOP has been operating for so long in our state.

    Second, I spent too many years of my life being an arrogant, obnoxious and self-important fucking asshole. Once I finally grew out of that and became an adult in my 30's, I made a point of trying really hard to make up for lost time and put my energy into becoming a better person by treating people with respect and consideration. On a site like this, with the level of passion and disagreement being so high, I see it as essential if I want to achieve anything at all beyond pushing someone's buttons. I joined and started to diary in 2005 then stopped and lurked for years and years until lately, so though I've been around a long time I am essentially a n00b. I figure if I want to be taken seriously at all, as well as win friends and influence people, my chances of success in that endeavor are way better if I treat people with the respect that they deserve and shoot for reason and humor over being a dick. DBAD works. It is my creed here, and I have found the Kossacks I am drawn to seem to do the same.

    Third, I am glad you are motivated, and I am pleased to have a part in that. Please, put that motivation to work by choosing a topic you are interested in writing about for Turning Texas and send it along for publication. We need to get as many people involved as possible because we have an uphill battle and there is nothing more important politically for Texas than that fight. We need your voice.

    Fourth and final, commonmass and I would love to hang with you some day. I can speak for him because I know how jazzed he is by the quality of folks here on Kos, and he loves Texas and there is nothing cooler that meeting like-minded Kossacks that share a passion and motivation for rescuing our beloved Lone Star State from the perverted hands of the likes of Gohmert, Cruz and Perry.

    Thanks for participating and thanks for your comments. We look forward to seeing you around and please consider joining in at Turning Texas.

    - bastrop

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