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View Diary: GOP Rep. Makes Headlines for Not Advocating Overthrow of US Government (53 comments)

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  •  Let's not deal in absolutes. (4+ / 0-)

    This is the very reason why we are where we are today.  We have Republican idiots who think compromise and being flexible is a four letter word.  It's a shame that TPM or any other media outlet has to even make a big deal over a Republican who sees merit in being civil and respectful.  I wanted to break my TV set last night watching Chris Hayes because he didn't get it.  Any sitting Republican member of Congress willing to be a part of, or share the stage with lunatics calling for the overthrow of the Obama Administration (no matter how 'carefully worded'), saying that he should get off of his knees and come out of the WH with his hands up and throw away that Koran is a seditionist and Klanman Klayman should have been arrested.  The likes of Senator Cruz and the Representatives attending that rally should be investigated for the same.  This is not free speech.  Anyone on the left saying such things would be in trouble with the authorities.

    Klayman's statements not only need to be repudiated by Republicans, but by the media as well.  There is simply no excuse for not doing so anymore.

    This Congressman was right in doing so and you need to recognize it.

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