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View Diary: Republicans losing today isn't enough. Let's punish them at ballot box (159 comments)

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  •  Seriously, DON'T count your chickens just yet (11+ / 0-)

    just now on CNN, fucking Van Hollen mentioned, albeit briefly, Simpson-Bowles while talking about cutting and closing loopholes.

    Oh, and Democratic leaders need to can it with feelgood bipartisan crap. GOPigs take the country to the brink of disaster yet again, and Dems are out there giving McConnell credit for pulling his party from the brink of disaster. The country still took a hit. Do they want Allison Lundgren Grimes to take down McTurtle, or not?

    •  Country took a hit (1+ / 0-)
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      and american citizens were harmed by this charade by the Republicans.  Voting them out is not good enough.  Normally when you cause harm to the US or it's citizens for spite you are guilty of a crime.   Republican leaders in the House and Senate should be arrested and charged with sedition.  

      It was clearly their intent to cause harm to the US and it's citizens just so they could try to damage the president.  It didn't work now someone has to held accountable

    •  "feelgood bipartisan crap" (4+ / 0-)
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      JVolvo, Ky DEM, JerryNA, Calamity Jean

      And now I'm listening Donna Brazile, who is useless btw, singing the praises of Susan Collins and babbling on about about "us women would have gotten this done over a glass of wine." Not once did she praise Obama, Reid or Pelosi for holding firm against GOP extremism.

      It's no wonder Gore's campaign couldn't close the deal in 2000, allowing Bush to steal the election.

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