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View Diary: Making people suffer is bad, whether in shutdown or via entitlement 'cuts' (150 comments)

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    Stop automatically assuming that anything republicans can spin as an entitlement cut to their base is automatically bad for the poor/underprivileged?

    You propose the marginal tax rates to something like 0-40k=0% 40-100k=30% 100k-1mil =50% 1mil+ = 85% with cap gains rolled into normal income and taxed accordingly and tell me that the "cost" is the removal of the maximum contribution for social security I'd tell you "Where do I sign up?"

    You offer to increase social security payments relative to poverty line in exchange for changing how you calculate inflation and I'll tell you much the same thing.

    Tell me that you're going to quadruple the cost of ssi payments for everyone making over 50k a year in exchange for removing the "Over 65" clause from medicare and I'd be ready to give ya a hug.

    Absolutely none of this will ever even be mentioned during negotiations of course because no real liberal (Bernie Sanders, etc) would ever be invited to such a thing, but I still think we should at least wait for the contours of the deal to come out before we start ginning up the rhetoric.


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