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View Diary: Google the poor guy whose insurance is going up, find a Republican candidate (96 comments)

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    •  The Bloomberg link has been updated (1+ / 0-)
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      Now it reads,

      "The website is not very clear," said Hodge, a retired banker and Manheim Township planning commissioner who is a running as a Republican candidate for township commissioner. "I’m concerned about being able to get affordable health care that’s at least as good as what I had previously."
    •  ACA and Republican's (4+ / 0-)

      In 2005/06 I had a part time job contacting those with insurance on behalf of Blue Cross/Blue Shield. What this outfit wanted to know is how the insured felt about their plan.
      I don't recall even one person who was happy with their catastrophic health care plan. In fact angry as hell would not be an overstatement. People paying an arm and a leg for these phony policies. They were not purchasing those policies for their health care, but rather to insure their estates (home and income) from hospitals and doctors. There are few things more terrifying than the thought of getting sick and having your home taken away from you to pay the bill, or having your check attached.
      Most people in this country don't know that there is no oversight or audits of what health care providers charge individuals. They also don't know that those billing codes are defined as to what you can expect in terms of actual services.
      The biggest favor this administration could do for the general public is to educate them on what those billing codes mean, and that that smiling MD you think is looking out for your interests is the one who codes your chart for billing.
      Besides criminal defense attorneys, who else other than health care providers are paid without any approval from the patient verifying that the service was actually provided ?All medical billing should require the patient to authorize payment before the bill is actually paid. That would eliminate the real fraud, and probably go a long way in improving the quality of care.

      •  Medicare does that! (2+ / 0-)
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        CatKinNY, bethie41

        Medicare (or the insurer Medicare uses) sends me a statement every once in awhile listing the things they've been asked to pay for.  I had occasion to question one bill - a vendor billed Medicare for medical equipment I had purchased outright - and did this for two or three months after I had purchased the product and notified them that they shouldn't bill me or Medicare.

        The result?  That vendor can no longer supply that medical equipment for Medicare customers.  

        •  Medicare vs Individual Insureres (1+ / 0-)
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          I had similar experiences with Medicare while taking care of my mom.  They sent a statement every time she had any interaction with the medical system.  I opened every statement and contacted the provider and Medicare about the only discrepancy I uncovered, which turned out to be a simple error - my mother, Marie, was billed for a service provided to a Mary with the same last name.  My step dad once showed me a statement from an opthamologist that he didn't understand but questioned because it was for thousands of dollars.  Long story short, it was fraud, and that guy ended up losing his practice.  He does exams at Pearl Vision now.  

          Medicare has much lower rates of paying out to fraudsters, despite all the whining about 'waste, fraud and abuse' we hear from Republicans than does any private insurer.  It's very size and reach makes it able to punish thieves in a way no private company can.  No one thinks twice about a provider who won't take a particular insurance, but someone ineligible to collect Medicare payments is a whole other ball of wax.  There are plenty of doctors who tell you up front that their rates are higher than what Medicare pays and you are responsible for paying the rest, in advance, but if they tell you that you're responsible for everything, call Medicare, and your state medical board, to find out why.  

      •  The rabid right (0+ / 0-)

        are ALL about property rights.
        I believe in property rights, but my ancestors figured everything is a crap shoot.

        It's not a crap shoot if it is institutionalized theft of property.

        Therefore my people never bothered to own any.

        Estate taxes, to nepotist remove tax-burden from the very people who gamed the system, that they created, recently.

        "Wait'll they get a load of me"

      •  Not quite accurate (0+ / 0-)

        "there is no oversight or audits of what health care providers charge individuals."

        There is, if a provider participates in Medicare or Medicaid at all. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 includes provisions which limit how much participating providers are allowed to charge (roughly speaking, the upper bound is three times the Medicare allowable charge for any given service code). Any time a practice is audited, that includes a review of the "book charges."

        "All medical billing should require the patient to authorize payment before the bill is actually paid."

        That fails in the opposite direction. I can envision patients denying services left and right to get out of paying their co-pays.

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