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    Yes, I've seen a metal pot melt.

    I had lived with a friend's family for a while. I'd lent his mother some money to get out of a financial jam and she was paying me back with my third of the rent being free for me. I still contributed to the grocery budget.

    I had met my obligation and moved out, finding an apartment I could afford to live in alone. My friend whose family I lived with had a night shift job. His mother asked him to stay up on his first day off and shut off the dutch oven with the potatoes in it when the timer went off. She had to run an errand with his younger sister who was in a color guard.
    I decided to stop and see what my friend was doing that day and as I approached the side entrance, saw smoke pouring out of the kitchen window and screen door. I didn't see any flames, so I pulled my t-shirt up over my mouth, placed my forearm over that, and entered the building. I found the pan with several small black lumps still on the burner, which I shut off. The pan was melted to the burner. I opened all remaining windows and doors and placed fans at them exhausting the smoke.
    All the while, I was shouting to my friend to wake up, but his barking dog hadn't roused him, so...
    I finally did manage to wake him, after having vented the house. I was able, with a stiff spatula, to pry the dutch oven free from the burner.
    He was upset but told me he had insisted to his mother that he would not be able to stay awake long enough to see to her potato salad. She had another kettle large enough, so we went to the store and got more potatoes and started the whole process over. This time, we sat at the kitchen table, my friend with copious amounts of coffee and me with one of his Mom's beers.

    She was not amused, but he had warned her. We'd disposed of the dutch oven. She didn't need any visuals to support the story. She was glad to see me. I stayed for supper.

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    by Gentle Giant on Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 11:30:27 AM PST

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