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View Diary: ALEC "Limited Representative Government" About to Be Launched (168 comments)

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  •  It's a state's rights thing... (10+ / 0-)

    which a lot of people will fall for. The argument will be that the federal government has too much power vis-a-vis the states, and that has to be rebalanced. One way to do that is to have each state's U.S. Senators chosen by a vote of the state legislature, as they were before the 17th Amendment. Thus, the Senate would be more likely to do the bidding of whomever is in power in the states. And of course, with the majority of state governments in the hands of the get the picture.

    As to amending the Constitution, that does not have to originate in Congress. Article 5 states

    The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or on the application of two thirds of the several States, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress...
    "Two thirds of the several states" means 33 or 34 states. Thirty states now have Republican governors. I'm sure ALEC knows how to do simple math.

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