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View Diary: ALEC "Limited Representative Government" About to Be Launched (168 comments)

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    since there's no way that this can be done as far as either the Federal or the state governments are concerned. The election of Representatives and (after the 17th Amendment) Senators is entirely controlled by the provisions laid down in the Constitution; these can't be circumvented by a state legislature, though they can use things like voter ID laws to try and limit who can vote in those elections since the Constitution gives them limited power to do so. But states are also explicitly limited to a "republican" form of government (i.e., elected representatives) in their own governments, so any attempt to turn state representatives or state senators into appointed officials is also patently unconstitutional. It's not that they won't (and don't already) exercise a good deal of influence over who is on the ballot for voters to choose from, but they can't get to the "hand-picked" stage without completely re-writing both the Federal and the state constitutions.

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    by Stwriley on Sat Nov 02, 2013 at 01:41:01 PM PDT

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