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View Diary: ALEC "Limited Representative Government" About to Be Launched (168 comments)

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  •  One more sneaky phrase in this Manifesto (1+ / 0-)
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    Besides the part about foreign legislators being welcome, noted above, what about this whopper?

    "institutional productive free enterprise"

    Is that like the old excuse "actually existing Communism"?

    Nigerian street vendor?  Sorry, not institutional enough.  ALEC won't protect you from NYPD harassment.

    Private landowner eminent-domained for corporate gain (as current Texas court decisions support)?

    Or a small business that needs the ACA because it can't get health insurance to compete for employees?

    Or a pot grower?

    Sorry, not "productive" enough.

    Tea Partiers and Libertarians say they hate corporations too, that they want to liberate small businessmen, that only big government is to blame for the institutionalization of the economy.  Yet ALEC has come up with a way to make capitalism a synonym of free enterprise, thus stretching its supposed glories to cover Goldman Sachs, Monsanto and the late Enron, but not your family farm.

    Watch the "populist" far right internalize this wording.

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