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  •  and.... (19+ / 0-)

    this morning I got sidetracked on some recent archaeology from the Faeroe Islands and that led to my writing a piece on the Faroese language. I'm easily sidetracked.


    •  But, your posts are always interesting and we (14+ / 0-)

      appreciate the work you've done on them.

      So, tomorrow put you nose to the grindstone, just like I'll have to do as well.

    •  ...don't think you are sidetracked, you are just (13+ / 0-)

      following the right tracks.

      So, let me ask a question, if you don't mind. When you have done your power points for your lectures, do you actually go into the class, show the student the power points and TALK to the students about the content, or are they going to be on the school's website (only) and do you tell your students .... "it's all in the books" ... just read them and then leave the classroom ?

      Just saying. The sentence "it's all in the books" is in my family a "saying" now, because ... offense ... but we had some ... kind teachers ... who came to class, spent 30 minutes (of a 1:45 h session) handed out the power points and said just read it and read the books and it's all in the internet .... and left. The book was $180.00 and had over 1000 pages and weighted at least seven pounds. I have seen quite some text books in my past life and I have to say, I have a problem with too chatty, too overloaded science textbooks.

      In the classes the teacher didn't refer to the textbook at all, just put up the reading list, the power points didn't cover much of what was needed to pass the tests/ There was another company who made an idiotic study guide to give a hint to the student of what kind material might be important for the test (with lots of errors, which we were mean enough to point out to the departement head). The $180.00 book was a specially made edition just for that school and the teacher got kickbacks or something else to use that book. (err he didn't use it, but made it mandatory for the class to buy it, though he said the students in the first session that they wouldn't need the book at all, just come to class and listen to what I say ... mind you he didn't say much in 30 minutes)  and the rest was talking about "personal problems of the teacher".  He regularly left the class after 30 minutes or dismissed the class after 45 minutes for a 1:45 h session. I wonder if that is the new standard now. The passing percentage of the students was barely 35 percent and fewer than 5 percent were able to get an A. Now as I have heard how little some of the professors earn, I can understand that they have had it with the system, but so do many students.

      ok, don't follow my tracks, I choose always the wrong ones and talk about stuff I shouldn't even mention. :)

      •  Power points (9+ / 0-)

        I use a ratio of 3 to 1---at least three pictures, maps, or charts for every cell of text. In most of my classes the students get the text portion of the power points prior to the lectures so that they can take notes on them.

        This is one of the classes that I teach in which I did not write the text book.

        My job in the classroom is to engage the students and to entertain them. I'm a good public speaker and do a lot of non-classroom presentations.

        •  thank God you talk and engage ... (8+ / 0-)

          and I find it funny that you say your job is to entertain the students. That's very nice. I have never heard a German professor saying that his job is to entertain a student. :)
          May be they should widen their horizon about teaching methods a bit.

          ... thanks for your kind answer to my miserable ranting comment. Sometimes I just have to get it out of my system.

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