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  •  When i moved in, I was told accepting (6+ / 0-)

    or earning any money, like from a part-time job or donating plasma would count as income and I could lose my subsidy or be excepted to pay a percentage of my rent. every month. Do you see how it's a catch? any 1 time gift would be treated as if it were a monthly thing. Thanks anyway.

    •  it's worse than a catch - no, I still don't under (4+ / 0-)

      stand, how accepting money privately from family, friends could first be counted as regular income, nor do I understand how those people would be able to control gifts you get.

      I am sorry that I didn't follow your diaries, but your profiles says you are not anymore homeless. I understand that to mean that you are in any form of subsidized housing with a room or apt. for yourself ? This I would think means you have your own postal mailing address, and I can not believe that if that is the case, anybody would know or it would be anybody's business, if you receive a check in the mail from a friend.

      So, I would like to learn, if an adult person has no income, because he/she has no work and no unemployment benefits or any other social disability benefits, how do  those, who decide if you are eligible for housing and food stamp or medical benefits, calculate your "income".

      If a person like that doesn't have anything, but a family member of that person has income and capabilities to help that person, does the help he/she gets from family or friends count as income?

      Aren't there homeless and adults without income, who have family that could help, but don't give the help? Would that mean, because the  family has income and money, the homeless person is NOT eligible for benefits?

      For how long are parents and extended family members responsible for offering shelter and food to other family members? After the homeless person with no income has passed that age limit, is the money of the family counted against the homeless person's eligibility for social security benefits?

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