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View Diary: Pope Francis: Muddying doctrine, conservatives complain (141 comments)

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    Dave in Northridge

    This pope is the first in modern time who seems to have taken the words attributed to Jesus about judging to heart.  His bold adherence to his sense of right should be an inspiration to conservative Catholics who have traditionally been the ones to worship the pope as the hand of God.  It's funny how quickly they refer to a pope as some "guy" when he doesn't promote their agenda.  

    I'm not Catholic nor do I subscribe to any religion, but I admire this pope and believe that he can rebuild the Catholic church, especially in the US, where it has been dying - that is, if he lives long enough.  Between his opposition to corruption within the church and to damage of the environment through fracking, however, I am afraid that his time as pope will be a brief one.  If he lives long enough. I wouldn't even be surprised to see him change the position of the church on women.  As it is, he's freaking out a lot of people with his softer stance on homosexuality and contraception.  Change must occur incrementally or a backlash will reverse it.  I believe that this pope is capable of bringing a great positive long-term change to the Catholic church and the world.

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