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    Dave in Northridge

    At least it is fully recognized that homosexuality is innate and natural.  Over 450 species exhibit same-sexed behavior with sometimes life-time bonding.  Scientific research clearly shows that sexual orientation is biological in nature usually happening before birth.  While some carry the same gene as most genetically determined homosexuals, other biological and genetic differences do not result in homosexuality.  After birth homosexuality can arise from brain insult, viruses, surgeries, etc.  Kluver-Bucey Syndrome results in a heterosexual who becomes homosexual from viral attack of the male mating center.  Neuro-hormonal differences both endogenous and exogenous can result in homosexuality.  Homosexuals can be separated from heterosexuals using functional MRI, MRI, and blood serums, etc.  

    Like it or not, there is no such thing as a homosexual lifestyle, a person is usually either homosexual or heterosexual at birth.  Those who deny their homosexuality often suffer severe psychiatric disabilities.

    The Roman Catholic Church has created more chaos and death without justification than any other institution or state.  Evangelical Christians are always fighting useless wars and trying to destroy those who are different.

    They refuse to live Christ centered lives with the love and acceptance for all clearly found in the words of Christ in the Gospels.  Even Saint Paul, when discussing pagan religious rights that involved same-sexed behavior was not speaking about homosexuals per se, but was against the practice among some Jews to be temple prostitutes for heathens and idol worshippers.  If you want light and not hot rhetoric, please read my article, "Sexual Orientation:  Science and Society" available by email at

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