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View Diary: A tale of two 'keep your health insurance' bills (104 comments)

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  •  What good does a $25K line of credit do for you? (4+ / 0-)
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    Stude Dude, mcmom, tb mare, Sam I Am

    If you have crap insurance?

    The biggest difference between being 30 and 50 if you have a significant chronic illness or injury is that you have to cover 20 more years of medical bills and you just might not have the stamina to work at peak professional level through those years and you may have a young family that has needs of its own as well or you may become a burden on aging parents who have needs of their own.  

    Young people vastly underestimate the costs to their extended family from a severe illness or injury.  

    Yes, the ACA needs a better sales job.  The marketing has been wretched to non-existent.  


    •  Simple -- you're self-insuring for your enormous (1+ / 0-)
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      If if you have a line of credit that covers the worst probable case ...  you have a long working life in which to pay it off.

      Now ... there's "crap" and there's CRAP ...

      For many people "high deductible" means "crap" ...

      "Lifetime cap" means "CRAP" for almost everyone

      -- the devil is in the fine print

      Do I think that there ought to be a cradle to grave full coverage National Health Plan that "pays for everything"? Sure !  But the White House didn't even ask for that -- knowing the Congress wouldn't grant it.  

      Should Mr. Nth Dimensional Chess thought past  the second move in this game.  Hey ... "who knew?"  that "he didn't."

      So "here we are."

    •  Yes but ... "playing the odds is what (1+ / 0-)
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      Victor Ward

      Libertarian Entrepreneurs DO.  And that's the demographic that's bitching about how their "good enough" insurance is being canceled because of the Bad Thing Obama Did.

      And given their particular circumstances:  they're not 100% crazy-out-of-line.

      So ... sure, long term, disabling illness IS a possibility and probably more of a probability than the Young Invincible demographic thinks ... and SSI and Medicaid may not cover ALL of it in many cases ... BUT there is a question as to whether we want "individual choice" in health care planning ... OR do we want a centrally planned program that's "best for everyone" -- "best for everyone" being negotiated between tax-averse legislators and profit-seeking corporations?

      If the White House had bothered to play civics teacher and explained "Yeah, some of you ... those  bought sub-standard policies  ... WILL lose your insurance --  and good riddance to it!"

      Or they might have pointed out:  "We can't be sure whether or not insurance companies will continue to offer  high-deductable, low value policies,  when faced with competition from better products offered on public exchanges ... but we can only hope THEY keep THEIR promises," we might not be having this discussion.

      But they didn't.  They said: "If you like your insurance you can keep it." -- thereby giving the  Young Teabaggists  a club with which to beat up on the President.

      And here we are.

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