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View Diary: Which stores are open and which are closed on Thanksgiving? (117 comments)

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  •  I work at one of the desperate, underperforming (1+ / 0-)
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    ...stores (can't say which one). No way are we excited to work on Thanksgiving. The pay is low--of course. The hours are killer. But the worst part is that the are not our usual, kind friends, but the surly ones who are there to grab the "barn burner" specials at the ridiculously low sales price only to "discover" (since they can never remember last year) that the store only has three for the mob of fifty or so. We deliberately build in that scarcity! Last year I arrived at 3am for a 5am opening and had to fight my way through the angry mob who complained bitterly and threatened me with injury because I was jumping the line, my uniform and name badge notwithstanding. It was not fun. Even with holiday pay--which, BTW, is about what minimum should be anyway--it was not any bed of roses helping these people.

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