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View Diary: It's time we admit this goes deeper than "Website Trouble" (61 comments)

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  •  If true, how did you add to the confusion? (0+ / 0-)

    You opened an number of accounts using different email addresses.  

    You filled out a number of forms, mostly not finished.

    You called a number of people.

    Okay, the website is still being worked on and it probably would have been better for you to wait before even trying the system.

    Using different accounts probably added to the confusion of the phone reps who are new and you just added to their disfunction.

    I use SiriusXM to listen to progressive radio.  I use it in my car and on my computer.  Yesterday, it worked fine and then suddenly went off (computer).  When I tried to log in, I got an error message that my sign in and password were wrong.

    Long short...did chat with XM and was told it was a computer problem and they were working on it.  So, this morning I tried to get the radio again and again couldn't sign in.  Got on chat and got a lady who first said it was my browser, I told he I used two with same result.  She then said it was fixed, give it 5 min and log in.  Well, I gave it 10 mins and got the error message again.  Again, got on chat and got a man who said it was them, computer problem, apologized and said they were working on the problem.

    So, like it has been said by many, ACA has problems with website and I think when it is working well, things will be better and the people on the phone will then be more experienced to help the customers.

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