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  •  Mobile creatures migrate. It's a natural function. (1+ / 0-)
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    Humans are conflicted because memory inclines them to want their environment to stay in place, while they themselves move around. Things staying in place, including other creatures (humans and domesticated animals), makes them easier to find again.
    How to resolve this conflict is a problem. We can actually accommodate both sides, the impulse to move and the desire for no change, by taking turns and/or communicating our desires. But, that means humans have to have a sense of time and some don't. People who don't have a sense of time and order can't contemplate taking turns. So, the expressed desire to keep them in place or have them account for their absence and return strikes them as restraint, just like putting a dog on a leash. And they resist and the conflict persists.

    Think of the current kerfuffle in Israel over settlements. It's all about keeping people in place, rather than wandering around as herders and agriculturists are wont to do.
    Think of the debacle in Iraq where the U.S. desire to plant 14 permanent military bases came into conflict with the sheep herders desire to continue their migratory way of life.
    Consider that recent migrants into the U.S. aren't really interested in permanence. Technically speaking they're not immigrants, since most expect to return to their families in the other Americas at some point.
    It's possible that the migratory gene is not always expressed and this also accounts for some people wanting everyone to stay where they are (in the Appalachian mountains, for example). It may be that this characteristic is shared by mountain people everywhere. Perhaps moving up and down the mountains is enough, so they have no desire to move on the horizontal plane. And, of course, all our national boundaries are horizontally defined.

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