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View Diary: "I could have made myself an omelet too, but that would have meant no eggs for the weekend." (102 comments)

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    Horace Boothroyd III

    Hydrogen peroxide mixed 50-50 with water as a mouthwash. Dirt cheap, and really effective, especially if you are concerned about gum disease and infection. A bottle of peroxide is under a buck at Walgreens, and that is before you dilute it with water. It is also not sweet. I can't stand sweet mouthwash. Give it a shot, it might stop and infection, if you are worried about it.

    I have some problems with my teeth too. I know there are extensive dental bills in my future, but I have a big chunk of debt to pay off before I dive into that. I do have health coverage, but the dental doesn't cover very much. One thing at a time....

    My household is also looking for more ways to cut expenses.
    I really need to start riding my bike to work, and stop paying for campus parking. Between that and the gas I'll save, the higher rates for utilities etc, will be compensated for. Too many years with only the administrators getting raises. I am grateful to have enough food though. There have been times when I did not. It is an unpleasant feeling, to be sure.

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