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View Diary: GOP blocks vote on Democratic plan: Insurance companies rejoice (94 comments)

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  •  All this to deny healthcare. (2+ / 0-)
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    Gamblndan, JBraden

    The amount of obstruction alone is enough to feel frustrated, let alone what they are obstructing for.  All of this to deny healthcare to millions of people who have really never had access to it.

    I am really frustrated that website isn't working well, and the enrollment has been so low.  That being said, when is this LAW going to be given a chance to anyone!  The republicans have done nothing but obstruct, and now the democrats are starting to get cold feet.

    Obama should not have apologized, and the democrats should be united.  I am tired of this issue coming down to political expedience.  It's going to take time to see results, you cannot have your health care with a side order of fries and a coke.  No thank you drive through.

    The faux outrage is deafening.  If the Republicans had anything to offer in the way of an alternative, I am all ears, but they have nothing.  If they think the healthcare system was just fine before, than they are dumb beyond measure, and just greedy bastards waiting for the poor to die.

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