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  •  ivorybill (9+ / 0-)

    Many years ago I raised four huge ones.
    Heckle Jeckle Black Jack & Blackie.
    That`s when my interest & quasi understanding of birds began.
    One died as a fledgeling, Heckle & Jeckle flew off but Black Jack remained my buddy for a long time.
    He would ride on my bicycle handlebars or fly rooftop to rooftop as I walked the baby (my little daughter)through the neighborhood in her baby carriage.
    He would ride on the hood of my flat black 55 Chevy pick-up down to the market 4 blocks away & wait up on the roof till I came back out & started up the truck.
    He came to the bar with me some evenings & I`d put him up on the pool table overhead light.
    It always surprised the heck out of people at closing time when I`d reach up & retrieve Black Jack.
    He`d always strut up to the group of friends I`d be talking to as if he was a human member of the group.
    My three other kids would tease him & he would get quite upset.
    Standing on the roof of the house he would swoop down at any of the kids or their friends & knock them on the head, scaring the bejessus out of them.
    He would always greet me on my return from work, swoop down & cuddle me on my shoulder, then snatch the cigarette pack from my breast pocket & go up on the roof to stash the pack under a shingle.
    I`ll never forget my friendship with him.
    None of the four crows were ever in a cage but were free to go at anytime.
    I had a scaffolding "A" frame in the back yard where they roosted.
    I would spoon feed them Alpo dog food there & they loved to be hosed off, spreading their blue black wings a la cormorant to dry themselves.
    Oh for those heady days of yore.

    I`m already against the next war.

    by Knucklehead on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 09:53:54 AM PST

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