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View Diary: Louisiana Republican supports Obamacare Medicaid expansion, wins House seat carried by Romney (58 comments)

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  •  At long last, the MSM is now officially the enemy (7+ / 0-)

    Whether creating the mythology behind a clueless film star named Ronald Wilson Reagan or outright lying about the Benghazi attack, and now distorting on behalf of the almighty insurance lobby all that they can regarding what Americans really do like about the ACA, the certainty is that the MSM is now at long last perceived of as "the enemy of the people."  

    Gone forever are the years of trusted, fearless truth-seeking investigative reporters in the realm of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow.  Alas, there are no awards, even the vaulted Pulitzer Prizes, for the long overdue self-analysis of established so-called journalists, exposing their biases and distortions.  Such self-policing runs far too close to home for the both manipulated and manipulative MSM.

    A case in point occurred most glaringly only last evening via CBS' retrospective "As It Happened," on the fiftieth anniversary of the JFK assassination.  Amidst the vintage newsreel coverage and commentary by CBS reporters of the period, there appeared a presumed computer expert who, while hocking his recent book, had found a way to hugely blow up and bowdlerize the miniscule frames of the famous Abraham Zapruder film of the actual assassination.  

    Why, of course, he concluded, and CBS' staff happily concurred, a single bullet could drive the death blow for JFK and then wound then Texas Governor John Connally in the motorcade!  He then proceeded to re-design the very trajectory of the bullet so that, indeed, it could fully live up to its name as "the magic bullet" of American history.   At the same time, surely the assassin must have been Lee Harvey Oswald, whom the host reporter noted had a "bird's eye view" of the presidential motorcade from the Dallas Texas School Book Depository corner window.

    Now, this assessment--thus perpetuating the Great Lie of the Kennedy Assassination, which has been refuted time and again by many a ballistics expert across the expanse of lo these fifty years--occurred just after the presentation of a newsreel analysis by Connally (who was after all, in that very motorcade and himself the only other recipient of the assassin's bullet) stating conclusively that no one else forever afterwards could ever convince him that there was only one shooter!

    And that assessment occurred following the documentary footage of Oswald proclaiming his innocence, of his then being himself shot and killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby, in the midst of Dallas security guards in the broad light of day.  Well, after all, mused the CBS ditheringly addlepated reporter,  we all want to believe that such a human catastrophe could not have been the work of a lone assassin.  Presumably this is to assuage us all, that bullets really can do magical things, and that we shouldn't look too suspiciously about the killing of the assigned assassin before the very eyes of cameras beaming images throughout the world; and that we just shouldn't any longer wonder why the assassin's assassin himself dies a mysterious death in prison.  Stuff happens; get over it, says CBS.

    Of course this was also yet another slap at brilliant filmmaker Oliver Stone, whose 1981 "JFK" (Stone's masterpiece, along with his deeply moving Oscar winning Best Picture of 1986, "Platoon"), addressed all the salient points undercutting the then eighteen years of MSM perpetuated government lies on the JFK assassination.  In that film Stone of course (with dazzling Oscar-winning cinematography and film editing) went further than any documentarian had gone before or has gone since in systematically refuting the web of lies concerning the JFK death.  

    Nobody else more loathes Hollywood left-wing filmmakers than the MSM--not just of the Oliver Stone, but most certainly also of the Michael Moore persuasion (the latter's "Fahrenheit 9/11" single-handedly debunked the whole 9/11 mythology that attempted to legitimize the presidency of George Walker Bush as actually controlled by his self-appointed Vice-President Dick Cheney).  

    Last night's "As It Happened," with its incongruous insertion of a re-created magnification of the Zapruder film--which, of course, any enterprising also self-described computer expert could just as easily re-design another way--was a last gasp effort by the now aging fossils at "CBS News" to insist that none of the rest of us be swayed by either Hollywood or dissident bloggers--they and only they will define "the truth" for us all.

    Of course the program's insertion of that re-designed Zaprurder film footage was a real hoot, which I seriously doubt anybody outside of the world of the MSM could take seriously.  

    And that brings us back to this Louisiana election, which itself negates that state's any influence by its now weirdly irrelevant Governor, and further diminishes the passions of the Tea Party crowd.   But, this is keeping with the narrative of the GOP Old Guard, pinning their entire hopes for a 2016 presidential campaign in the person of Chris Christie, notwithstanding the reality that he remains a tough sale for the office of Chief Executive in his own state, much less in the rest of the country.  

    The MSM is bound and determined to sell that Christie commodity (the MSM/GOP Old Guard are now seriously worried that another Democratic administration will mean a progressive Supreme Court, and the collapse of their long-ago enunciated war on workers and civil libertarians--so it’s get Christie in or bust).  

    The other GOP candidates for 2016 are far more worrisome for the Old Guard. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whatever his residual good feelings in Florida itself, still carries a lethal brand name too fresh in the minds of all too many voters.  And several of their 2010 Tea Party elected state Governors are either on their way out (such as in Florida, Maine, and Pennsylvania) or are still too polarizing to have top-of-the-ticket political legs (think the hydrocephalic Governor of Wisconsin, who really does look to be cranially impaired, or the equally union-loathing Governor of Ohio, who still can't get his act together and will be lucky to even survive next year's election).  

    This, of course, leaves them with nobody else but the nationally untried and untested Christie, who for all the efforts of GOP Old Guard, Money Boys and MSM, I yet maintain will guarantee the Democratic candidate, particularly if it is Hillary Clinton (and make no mistake that the MSM has long hated the Clintons) a sweep of at least forty states.

    One of the great joys of having turned sixty this past year is the knowledge that come what may, the generation following me will never again regard the MSM as anything other than "the enemy of the people."

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