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    ALEC's position on the 17th Amendment is part and parcel of their other positions. State legislatures are notorious for being dominated by small town, small minded men (women need not apply). And they are easily manipulated by cynics like the Kochs. Just look at how Scott Walker responded to the phone caller pretending to be a Koch brother, and Walker is more sophisticated than the usual state legislator.

    Then consider that with two senators allotted to each state, senatorial power slants heavily toward the small states, so that 25 states representing less than 30% of the population can control the Senate (before Reid called for the "nuclear option" it was only slightly more than 20%). If ALEC and it's minions successfully repealed the 17th Amendment, voters' influence on the Senate would diminish substantially and the power of ALEC and its backers would increase. If we think the Senate is in the hip pocket of the 1% now, imagine how much deeper that pocket becomes if ALEC were to succeed.

    On the positive side, amending the Constitution requires the approval of two thirds of both the Senate and the House and  three quarters of the state legislatures. Given current and foreseeable politics, approval of such a change would be nigh impossible .  

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