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  •  Queen of the Elephants! (14+ / 0-)

    When I was a child, my Mom told me I could be anything I wanted when I grew up.  "Queen!" I proudly acclaimed!" (I consider Queen and Supreme Commander as one in the same.)  She kindly and gently replied, "well honey, that's probably the one thing you can't be."  I was momentarily disappointed, but I decided I WOULD be queen, but would just keep it to myself.  SO, I would definitely like to take on the Fabulous species of Elephants (apologies to Dame Sheldrick). It would be perfectly suited to my passions and my crown necessary, just a well made pith helmet.  My round table, thousands of devoted subjects and I would Save The Elephants!   (further details coming in my soon to be publicized "Diary" in this prestigious journal!

    My second aspiration as a child was to become an astronaut!  I wrote long meaningful letters to Neil Armstrong, Scott Carpenter and others, gave them to my Mother to mail, and years later found them tucked away in a drawer.  I was astonished and hurt but thought, well, I will fly on my own.

    I am surrounded by original artwork.  My own photographs and paintings, several from fabulous photographers I have known or worked with over the years and some original paintings by artists I've been lucky to know!  It is as though I am wrapped up in living moments captured in time and yet living forever.

    Wonderful and kind neighbors gave me my first cat when I was 10. I was cat person going forward from there!  Many years and cats later, I moved to NYC, my cat "Elizabeth'  died,  and a dear friend bought me a kitten. Nikki! A few years later when I left my job after 10 years, my company had a wonderful going away party for me and they had purchased a beautiful watch. My best friend (who worked with me) insisted they return and get me another cat!  Then came Nora!

     I have gifted a few critters as well, two elephants and a pig as a matter of fact!

    Hitchhiking was my preferred method of transportation over the years back in college, and beyond. Always a great adventure..only one near miss when picked up in Berkeley CA by a Hell's Angel in a 'pickup', which was intention actually.  A close call, just lucky that I could keep talking and drive him crazy.  I think he finally gave up on his intentions and let me out of the truck. Last time I hitchhiked was a few years ago when my car broke down.  Amazing the looks on passing faces to see a middle age woman in suit and heels with her thumb out.

    'ite, omnia incendite et inflammte'

    by sherman54 on Tue Nov 19, 2013 at 07:16:53 AM PST

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