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    A way forward for progressive/liberal democrats
    Government is neither the all problem nor all the solution, but a large part of the solution as the period from 1933 to 1973 shows.  Steps to a fairer stronger economy:
    STEP 1.  a)  pay a fair living wage to all worker around $15/h
    b)  raise social security dividend by 10%
    c)  pass a jobs/infrastructure stimulus improvement program
    STEP 2.  a)  seek new sources of revenue such as a 0.05% tax on all stock and bond trades; a 0.1% on all derivative and hedge fund trades and a 0.5% tax on all same day trades
    b)  raise social security cap to $1M with employers’ matching the first $250,000
    c)  define income as being from all sources: wages, salaries, interest, dividends, capital gains, bonuses, hudge and other funds, derivatives, and anything else which produces a yearly income.  Tax all as income at the same progressive taxing rate.
    STEP 3.  a)  eliminate all corporate campaign contributions of all types.    corporations are not people
    b)  do not elect those who wish to redistribute wealth upward by reducing taxes for the few while cutting safety net programs for the unfortunate many
    c)  always remember plants grow best when their roots are watered and feed not their leaves

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