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  •  benefits of the ACA (2+ / 0-)
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    1. Medicare clients like me now get  cost-free annual checkups.  My last check up found a Vit D deficiency, which is easily treated, if detected.

    2. At my first Medicare checkup  at 65 ( yrs ago), it was found I had prostate cancer.  Medicare paid for all the costs of the expensive surgery and I have been cancer free since.
    If we had a rational healthcare system where no cost checkups were available every year for everyone, my cancer would have been detected far earlier and the suffering and cost would have been far less.

    3. My daughter (who along with her husband works, but who have a modest income and her family of 2 kids will for the first time be able to afford healthcare, for about $30 a month (with subsidy).

    4. The ACA, a rightwing market-based plan, has within it the seeds of transformation.  States can institute public options (which has 28% less overhead cost in the individual markets) or single payer plans, which will save hundreds of billions over the years and lead to the elimination of the private insurance parasites.  This gives me hope.

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