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View Diary: How can progressives gain influence? Throw everything we've got behind David Alvarez in San Diego (121 comments)

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  •  Labor would not have backed Alvarez if they didn't (4+ / 0-)
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    think he could win, despite their concern that Fletcher's more recent demographic shift of soul toward the left was for selfish reasons.  

    •  Labor recruited Alvarez to take down Fletcher (4+ / 0-)

      Here's a good article on that topic:

      Nathan Fletcher Lost the Election When He Lost Mickey Kasparian


      ... Fletcher could deal with a challenger on the left. But if Kasparian, the leader of the United Food and Commercial Workers, the largest union in San Diego, wasn’t on board, things might go poorly. Kasparian is also president of the Labor Council. If a rival on Fletcher’s left were to arise, Kasparian’s support both in leadership and resources would matter.

      Fletcher might be able to match the money Kasparian could muster. But the labor movement is much more than money.

      Gonzalez says Kasparian offered supportive words. Some unions joined with Gonzalez and Fletcher. At the very least, she and Fletcher did not think Kasparian would go to war with them.

      As I noted a couple months ago, however, that’s exactly what Kasparian did. Whatever it was that got him, Kasparian was insulted when Gonzalez got behind Fletcher publicly without waiting for the Labor Council to lead. And Kasparian began searching for an alternative.

      A few passed on the opportunity. David Alvarez did not.

      But that was just one decision. Kasparian made two more crucial ones.

      Alvarez was not well known outside his Council district. That takes money.

      Kasparian decided to find money and spend it — $1 million in all.

      Then came the third decision: They had to bury Fletcher. ...

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