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View Diary: How can progressives gain influence? Throw everything we've got behind David Alvarez in San Diego (121 comments)

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  •  Issue is getting Fletcher voters to vote in runoff (1+ / 0-)
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    Ian Reifowitz

    The challenge for Alvarez isn't the possibility that Fletcher supporters will vote for Faulconer, it's the possibility that Fletcher supporters will just skip the runoff.  

    Given all the votes Faulconer has in his pocket from the Round 1 tally, and the fact that GOTV will likely be more of a challenge on the Dem side in a February runoff, if turnout is low and a huge chunk of Fletcher voters don't vote in February, Alvarez won't win.

    The Labor Council will have to ante up another high six figures, at least, for February GOTV, in order for Alvarez to pull off the upset.

    Alvarez being "too liberal" really isn't an issue here, even though the U-T will probably say that every time they print Alvarez' name between now and the runoff. (Either that, or the U-T wingnuts will make sure they call him "Filner's closest ally" in every article.)

    Three real issues, which are interrelated, are

    1) GOTV.

    2) Convincing voters that Alvarez, a 33-year-old first-term city councilman, is not too inexperienced to be mayor of a large city.  His official biography doesn't mention how old he is, when he was born, or what year he graduated from college. To convince voters that he has enough gravitas to be mayor, he will need to take on this issue directly.

    3) Convincing donors and reluctant voters that Alvarez can actually win and is worth the money to donate and the time to vote.

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