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View Diary: How can progressives gain influence? Throw everything we've got behind David Alvarez in San Diego (121 comments)

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  •  Seriously, Doug... (0+ / 0-)

    Your last graf summed it up.

    From a "techie" perspective, let me tell you about some of the "progressive" issues you just don't seem to want to understand about Twitter and social media as a whole.

    The common complaint by most diverse, intersectional progressives my age (under 40) is that major ideological platforms exclude us. They do not represent us. Our voices are not heard. The ideological platforms of the parties are the product of the same patriarchical and ethnic privilege your version of "progressives" seem to bemoan.

    You want to talk about walking the walk? Why, as a progressive, would you eschew the single most inclusive platform that brings voices of color, voices of the underprivileged, voices of non-cisgender people, etc into the conversation those same groups have been systematically excluded from - either on purpose, or because of an inate social hierarchical platform that excludes them?

    Why would you bemoan one of the most effective platforms for erasing the digital divide that has resulted in the exclusion of disenfranchised voices? Why?

    These are not simply opinions - these are empirically analyzed conclusions by scholars of media studies and technology.

    So, you can continue to rant against Twitter and social media, but I implore you to check your privilege. And, take a look at #BlackTwitter, follow @meredithclark, or look into forums that are necessarily critical of the inherent privilege of many leftie platforms - #solidarityisforwhitewomen is one of them I recommend.

    The conversations are happening anyway, whether you want to participate or not. But, I urge you to - as a progressive. It seems you're missing a few key things in your understanding of the value of tech.

    And, I am not a sore loser, and SD Free Press is hardly vague about anything.

    You do like to erase comments you don't agree with, though.

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