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  •  I'm also thankful (5+ / 0-)

    for this community and the wonderful people I've met here.

    Reagan is taking "mandatory" to equal "socialism." Of course, we've heard this since Obama became president.

    We have had socialized medicine for as many decades as we've been providing medical care to soldiers and their families, and veterans. Doctors are hired by the government and work in government facilities. Nobody questions whether we should be doing this.

    Medicare is not anything remotely like socialized medicine; it is private sector health care, paid, at least in part, by the government. I know, and Medicare has twice saved my life. We caught one cancer at the very early stages when I had a hysterectomy soon after becoming eligible for Medicare through disability, after years without insurance. The second time my kidney cancer was found in a CT scan I might not have had without Medicare.

    I am thankful every day for the government's interference in my healthcare.

    Being attentive to the needs of others might not be the point of life, but it is the work of life. It can be ... almost impossibly difficult. But it is not something we give. It is what we get in exchange for having to die. - Jonathan Safran Foer

    by ramara on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 04:48:08 PM PST

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