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    In the years leading up tot he 1970's the unemployment rate was low, less than 5%.  However, if you were black or hispanic the unemployment rate was at least twice that.  This was not a big deal overall because whites made up 85% of the population.  That meant that five non white people had to be unemployed for it equal 1 white person.  The focus of the economy could be on keeping white people working.  If white unemployment were 100%, and only half the minorities worked, it would still only be an unemployment rate of 7%.

    Today life is different.  White non-hispanics only make up 65% or less of the popoluation.  In the next generation it will be 50%.  Black and Hispanic unemployment is arguably worse today than it was in 1970.  Combined the black and hispanic population are 30% of the population, though the working age population right now is much less.  But the issue with the overall unemployment is that employment policy still assumes that it is ok for non-whites to remain unemployed.

    During the Clinton years this was not clearly so.  It seemed that everyone had a opportunity to work.    The overall unemployment rate is going to hang around 8% unless we get value all races.  We can't just say that the black population is going to stay 15%, so if 15% of them are unemployed it does not matter.  It does.  get it down to 8% like whites and we have a significant reduction in overall unemployment.

    Everyone wonders why conservatives do not care about unemployment.  It is because white unemployment has been falling steadily since 2009, and while not yet back to the 2-5% levels, at least it is not at or above 10% like hispanics and blacks.

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