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  •  Congress forgets its 91% disapproval rating (0+ / 0-)

    The percent of people who do not disapprove of Congress is approaching statistical insignificance. According to Gallup poll conducted this month (November) only 9% approve of Congress. We must assume that this number includes Senators, Congress reps, and their family, friends, and whoever they've done a political favor for lately. Even among Republicans, the number is 91% disapproval.

    The president has four times more approval (40%)
    George Bush Junior had to preside over total economic collapse, an unemployment bomb and thousands being kicked out of their homes to get that low; Obama only has to be Obama, which is cheaper and doesn't cost thousands of human lives in uniform (forget, because we have, the hundreds of thousands of other human souls killed by Bush's war).

    Incidentally, ObamaCare also is four times more approved of than Congress. (%45)

    Thus, Obama alone has kept his rating hovering around half and half, Congress has had the benefit of a joint effort in driving down their rating to where it's approaching zero.

    91 per cent of the population know why they disapprove of  Congress. Congress is in the anomalous 9% that doesn't.

    The above explains their rock-bottom ratings. If they would focus publicly, day after day, on discussing why nobody likes them instead of trying to make each other seem more dispicable than ever,  they MIGHT come to admit that Republicans, Democrats and Independents think they are corrupted by lobbyists and big donors, at which point they could shoot their popularity ratings up to nearly %100 by kicking the lobbyists out.

    Meantime, why does a Congress beloved by  only 9%  think the other 91% of the people can be won over by crapping on itself?

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