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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Charlie Crist still beating Rick Scott, according to Quinnipiac (38 comments)

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  •  Fact is Scott's record is horrible (17+ / 0-)

    Higher electric rates for home owners
    lower electric rates for business paid for by other customers.
    3.5 billion to Duke for a plant that will not be built
    Higher property tax
    Higher fees
    Higher property insurance
    Higher health care premiums
    Higher college tuition
    More pollution
    Allows Mosaic to pump 70 million gals of fresh water per day to dilute phosphate waste.
    Against gay rights
    Against woman’s rights
    Against Voters rights
    Against navigators
    Against Medicaid expansion
    refused to set up insurance market place
    Against raising minimum wage
    against solar energy
    Cuts in unemployment benefits
    Cuts to education
    Cuts to hospital payments
    Cuts to handicapped children
    against medical marijuana
    Cut thousands of state jobs
    Cut state employee benefits
    Gave almost 1 million dollars to Weatherfords wife
    Allowed Grant to take 2.5 million dollars for start up business that never started
    Allowed Citizens to give 56 million dollars to other insurance companies.
    Cuts to nursing homes
    Refuses to let us see where billions in contract go
    Made it more difficult to sue doctors and car dealers
    Millions for a rowing center in exchange for a 200,000 donation
    Cut waste water restrictions
    Gave his friend Swoop a raise now paying him 375,000.00/yr
    Eliminated mandatory sick time
    400.000 dollars wasted on gambling study
    Less over sight for assisted living patients
    No money for public school maintenance
    More money for private schools
    Took 143 million dollars that should have gone to foreclosed home owners to balance budget
     Sped up foreclosures
    Special tax breaks for insurance companies
    Special treatment for the Villagers for nursing home
    Allows lobbyist payoffs and gifts.
    Refused to use budget surplus to feed poor children and families during shutdown
    63 million dollars wasted to make unemployment more difficult to get. Now ranked worse state in the union for unemployment.
    Dropped his support of common core because of tea party pressure
    Scott took the 5th amendment 75 times when asked questioned relating to Columbia/HCA
    Want another voter purge payed for with tax dollars
    wants drug tests for medicaid recipients
    wants drug tests for state workers
    refusing to appoint judges recommended by the bar.
    Wasted millions of suits against the feds
    cost the state 28,000 jobs by killing the HSR
    Scott has taken 10 vacation/business trips over seas since being elected. Paid for by Enterprise Florida who's budget is 78% funded by the state. TAX DOLLARS FOR SCOTT'S VACATIONS

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