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  •  David Alvarez!!! (4+ / 0-)

    Thankfully won the initial round of voting in San Diego, beating instant Democrat Nathan Fletcher by a few thousand votes.

    Fletcher, a former Marine Corp counterintelligence specialist, and a Republican candidate for Mayor until a few minutes before this last race, pledged more police... and still more police. Is there still a problem? The answer would be...  police.

    Alvarez, who grew up in low-income Barrio Logan, has always been a Democrat and ran on a platform of building neighborhoods. (That is San Diego code for not running the city exclusively for downtown businesses and the tourist industry, the normal way things are done here.) He is more or less in Filner's political footsteps -- minus that whole sexual predator thing.

    The Republican candidate who came in first in this initial, multi-candidate race, is Kevin Faulconer, who ran on a platform of ending pensions for city workers. If you hate public workers and want them to starve to death in their old age, Faulconer is your boy.

    Although Faulconer came in first with 43.6% of the vote, Alvarez had 25.6% and Fletcher, who ran as a Democrat and was endorsed by Jerry Brown, had almost the same percentage, just trailing Alvarez. If Alvarez picks up the entire Fletcher vote, he should beat Faulconer handily.

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