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View Diary: New York Times awakes from coma ... worried about 'rank partisan warfare' (123 comments)

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  •  Bringing back the 50's would be (1+ / 0-)
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    a disaster for women and African Americans. Or don't you remember the Jim Crow laws, public lynchings, cross burnings, segregated schools, lunch counters, restrooms, and drinking fountains?
    For women there were back-alley abortions, unreliable birth control,  lack of child care and well paying jobs for those courageous women who wanted a career, and limited access to law schools, medical schools, engineering schools, science scholarships, and college scholarships for women and minorities.
    So you want to return to the 50's, huh? You have to be male to want a return to that crap! I remember it, because I am a woman, and I lived through all of it. How soon we forget, if we weren't directly affected. I fought for Civil Rights, Women's Rights and I am still fighting for those things due to dudes like you with little bitty memories and even smaller brain pans.

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