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    cause me to cry.  That was a soulfull and terrifying time in mye and in the life of the US as a nation.  Chaos was let loose upon the land.  Until that point, I had lived on a beautiful small and perfect family farm, with loving parents and siblings and nuns and priests who helped us learn, and then - - - BAM!  - - - Shot in the head - his scalp blown off.  Unimaginable.  From then on, nothing could get stranger.  I, like many at the time, surrendered myself to pleasure and hedonistic activities (but I also was responsible).  Dr. King.  Bobby Kennedy.  Riots.  Southern hatred and racism and homophobia.  It was all out there to be seen.  No doors closed.  

    I am amazed at what I and my generation have gone through - from the assassination of President Kennedy to 9/11.  

    We are a nation of PTSD sufferers.  I am sincere about that. Our leaders did cause so much of the chaos.  They were afraid and could not face reality.  We were left on our own.  

    My heart disease is bad. So many Americans have horrible heart diease Anyone wonder why?

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