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  •  highway cameras... (7+ / 0-)

    ... the ones you talk about on the top of tall poles, are used much the same way that cameras at traffic signals are. You could say that they both are different types of traffic cameras.

    I don't know as much about highway cameras, but I do know that they are used to count cars and collect data. they identify problem spots and are used by DoT's to come up with possible solutions.

    License plate readers would be similar to enforcement cameras in that their main purpose is to identify people for whatever purpose.

    I've read something somewhere about a police department using mobile license plate readers to identify people whoa attend protests and political events and put them on a list. I don't have a link or any specifics, so maybe you can look it up. Like I said, any technology can be abused.

    Cameras at the the top of tall poles are traffic cameras like the ones I mention in the diary used for engineering applications. License plate readers/enforcement cameras are a different beast.

    Hey, questioning authority is a good thing. I agree that the use of license plate readers should be closely monitored.

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    •  Another thing is that, in order to read... (2+ / 0-)
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      Tonga 23, kurt

      ...license plates, there would have to be some sort of connection to a central computer. The City of Chicago has maybe a quarter of its 2905 signalized intersections on interconnected systems, and some of those have a dialup connection for the last mile, using 2400 baud (yes, 2400 baud) dialup connections. Nobody has wanted to fund fiber for that last mile since these systems went in in the mid to late-1990's. and there sure isn't the additional fiber for video channels. Most intersections with actuation cameras aren't even on systems. And I learned that a new, probably politically-connected outfit has persuaded the City to go with magnetometer detectors from now on, rather than video detection, so any cameras at signalized intersections ma be either enforcement (speed/red light) or pod cameras (911 Center/CPD) for surveillance.

      27+ years of experience say you have little to worry about.

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