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View Diary: UPDATE - So much for WalMart paying people to work Thanksgiving (211 comments)

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    had her hours cut the two weeks prior to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It was all too common for them to work her for 4 days one week and then make up for those "extra" days and only work her once the next week and give her no hours at all the following week. If she worked any overtime, they'd make sure to get it back by cutting her hours later on. They also made sure that she would almost never make the 32 hours needed for insurance. Their insurance program is reviewed every three months based on your average hours a week so if they don't work you 32 hours, you are out of luck. Also, their bonuses are based on how well they stop overhead costs like stolen goods but Walmart will not hire the necessary security guards to help stop this and forbid their staff from even asking customers to see their items and/or receipts so they never received their bonuses. This is a disgusting company! The low-level employees are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are in need of work and there aren't many other jobs available in their area but stupid Walmart. Walmart uses and abuses their staff.

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